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Options Deals

JMW cars options is a new unique product, that we can give our customers a flexible option to buy a used or nearly new used car, with the option to change the car every three or four years.

How does it work

Unlike PCP or lease agreements there is no restriction, on mileage, no balloon payment and you will not be penalised for general wear and tear to your car.

How we reduce your payments is we spread the finance term over longer period, with the option to part exchange or hand the car back at three, three and a half or four years. The positives to JMW cars option plan is if you wish to continue paying, to the end of the agreement you can and you can always settle the agreement early. You can also have the option to own the car.

With JMW cars options you can select a car from our stock or we can source a car in to suit your needs.

Subject to availability and credit check. Only available to people over the age of 21.


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