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Looking after your purchase

Maintenance Plan

How can it benefit you?

Routine servicing and general maintenance can be costly and unexpected.

JMW Cars have designed an easy to manage vehicle maintenance package, so through the ownership of your car, you pay into a maintenance plan. This makes keeping your vehicle in top condition easy, whilst being affordable and manageable.

Here are some key examples of what’s covered:

  • Serving & labour to manufacturer guidelines
  • Car batteries
  • Brake linings
  • Bulbs
  • Tyres (replacement when worn under 2mm)
  • Windscreen wiper blades
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Aircon re-gas (excluding leaks)
  • MOT (test fee)
  • 10% Discount on all parts not covered

(A full list and exclusions will be provided upon purchase)

Prices starting at £35 per month. This plan will save you money!

Accident Assist

In the event of your vehicle being declared a total loss, this product will help you the customer, bridge the difference between the motor insurer pay-out and the original invoice price of the vehicle.

Benefits of Accident Assist:

  • Pays £250 towards your insurance excess, even if you’re at fault for the total loss
  • For finance customers it pays off negative equity on the agreement (This means you also won’t be left paying for a car you no longer have & being told you can’t refinance another)
  • Works with you to get you the best price from your insurance company
  • Could potentially pay more than your insurance company for the accident

Drive safe and be financially secure with JMW Cars Accident Assist!

Please ask an advisor for an illustrated example.

JMW Cars Accident Assist, is a product of WMS Gap Insurance please find terms and conditions of WMS Gap insurance at The product is sold as an introducer for WMS.FCA number is 752659.

Vehicle Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Cars that have more than three months manufacturer's warranty remaining, will be sold with the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer warranty terms and conditions can be found via their website. With manufacturer's warranty, most major mechanical and electrical components covered.

AA Breakdown & Warranty

All used cars out of the scope of manufactures warranty, will be sold with a free AA warranty. The free AA warranty is a basic warranty that covers parts of the engine and gearbox, with a claim limit of £300, and a £50 excess payable by the customer.

JMW Cars are an AA dealer promise dealership and providing this warranty as the free option as standard is part of this. We must make it clear that no diagnostic charges will be covered by the AA and if you do have a part fail (e.g. if a part costs £900 to replace), they will only be paying £250 towards this.

We understand that this is not the most comprehensive cover, but it is free of charge. Also, the AA provides a basic breakdown of one call out per annum, with upgrades available when registering.

WMS 5 Star Warranty
Cars up to 5 years old & 50k miles

The WMS 5 Star Warranty can be sold as one year or two-year policy, with no mileage restriction and with a claim limit of £1000 per claim. It does not cover diagnostic cover but covers a wide range of parts here are some examples.

  • Engine & gearbox - Major parts of the engine & gearbox
  • Engine ancillary - Water pump, starter motor, aircon, pump, EGR valve, alternator & much more
  • Suspension parts - e.g.Coil springs, Shock absorbers, Ball joint breaking & much more
  • Clutch - Master cylinder, Slave cylinder & Clutch fork
  • Electrics - ECU, Coil pack, Fuel pump, Wiper motors, Locking solenoids, Electric motor (Hybrid) & Window motors
  • Brakes – Master cylinder, Wheel cylinders, Callipers (Not Seizure) & ABS pumps
  • Vehicle recovery - A contribution of £50 of towards recovery

Total Peace Of Mind
Cars up to 5 years old & 40k miles

Our total peace of mnd is our most comprehensive cover, it has been designed and developed to give customers full protection for their car over a three-year period with no mileage restrictions. Total peace of mind is not just a warranty but a complete aftercare pack.

What's Included?

  • Everything from the 5* Warranty & more
  • Claim to the value of the vehicle
  • Vehicle roadside breakdown
  • MOT insurance including brake discs, light bulbs, seat belts, horn and much more (claim limit £750)
  • Vehicle recovery up to £100 contribution
  • In-car entertainment cover-up to £500
  • Car battery cover for the first six months
  • One Hour Diagnostic Cover
  • All major mechanical parts (serviceable parts not covered)
  • Sensors (front & rear)

Many more parts are covered across all our plans, for a full list of covered items and exclusions including terms and conditions please ask an advisor. All our policies can be spread over a ten month interest-free payment plan.

Average alternator cost with labour


Average alternator cost with labour


New 4 Used

If you want that new car feeling, when buying a used car, this product is for you. Our vehicle detailer technician will spend on average four to five hours preparing this car and making it as good as it can, without requiring bodywork attention.

The stages of process:

  • 1. The car will be rewashed, hoovered and old mats removed.
  • 2. The paintwork will receive a machine polish to remove all light scratches where possible and give the car that extra shine.
  • 3. All small marks and chips touched in.
  • 4. We will apply the award-winning Guard X protection product to the exterior, which is a two-stage application removing all the toxins from the paint and then sealed with a paint protection barrier.
  • 5. Newly fitted mats added to the vehicle, and Guard X interior protection cloth/leather will be applied. (Protects the seats, carpets and boot load from stains, spillages and dirt).
  • 6. Finally a Gard X care pack and touch up pen in the boot waiting for you on arrival for collection.

Cars that have had this treatment, will stay in better condition for longer, the paintwork is less prone to damage from bird droppings, the sun’s uv rays and is more protected from light scratches. This will help protect the future value of your vehicle when part exchanging it with JMW Cars.

If you care about your car, this product is a must, if you wish to view a GardX explanation video, please ask your advisor.

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